That would be a way to upgrade before it's out, install the preview to my Windows 7 SSD, and then use the system transfer thing in Todo Backup. Not sure how it works, I'm assuming it uses the backup image files. So make a backup before you install Windows 10. To much work, I'll wait for the upgrade.

Might of found a new artist I like. Sounds kind of like rap. Think I'll buy the Day Of The Dead (Deluxe Version) [Explicit] album.

Google isn't making any money from streaming music to me for free. I'm not even buying music from Google when I find something I like, I use Amazon.

Amazon Music program is slow, still hasn't downloaded the music I just bought. Closed the program and reopened it, downloading now.

That was a dumb purchase, I have money in my Google Play account from purchasing the SHIELD, might of been able to buy the album with that money.

This doesn't sound like rock, maybe some parts do. Looks like I need more semi rap music.

Windows 10 is fast, and that's in a virtual machine with only one core and 2 GB of RAM. Wonder how fast it is not in a virtual machine. If I get my license, I can buy a car next year instead.

Installing Windows 10 in VMware Player. It looks like it defaulted to storing the HD images to my SSD. Faster then installing Windows 7. VMware Player doesn't list Windows 10 when creating the virtual machine, I selected Windows 8.

I also only gave it one core and 2 GB of memory.

My Sandisk SSD might be faster then my OCZ SSD. Wasn't the cheapest OCZ either.

Be warned, Windows 10 might give you an erection. The included IE is fast and looks better. But I'll install Chrome anyways.

I think I'm already part of the insider program, I downloaded a preview sometime ago. That would save me 120 bucks when building my new computer next year. Not sure what engadget said is true, they said if you signup for the preview updates, it'll stay free, but stuff I found on Google don't say that. Just says you'll get the final build.

It'll take an hour to download the latest preview.

So I can make five hundred Microsoft accounts, and get the final build for free 500 times?

Download is almost done, and it took longer then an hour. Chrome is a liar.

Had MOD Pizza for the first time today. It was good, my new favorite pizza place, you get your own personal pizza with whatever you want on it. No sharing, four big slices for the medium size.

Grandma ordered a mini size for my grandpa, but they gave us the bigger size. Was wondering why all the boxes were the same size. So maybe next time order all mini ones, and hope we get lucky again.