[gallery link="file" size="large" ids="2612,2611,2610,2609"] The thumb screws might be cheap, they feel lighter then the ones on my Cooler Master case. Don't really care. That's the only thing I see wrong with it. Wasn't sure I liked how it looked, from the pictures on Newegg. It looks better then the Newegg pictures. Glad I don't buy brands I've heard of. DIYPC makes good cases from what I can tell.

I think I've been blocked from meditating. It worked the first time I did it. Doesn't do anything anymore. Got to eat to fall a sleep.

Might cancel DreamHost at the end of the month. I'll get a cheap VPS from BuyVM. Managed hosting is useless, if it takes over two days to respond. Funny, shared hosting is faster then a managed VPS from DreamHost. The shared hosting is using Litespeed though, for the HTTP server.