Best Buy doesn’t have the NVIDIA SHIELD yet

Went to Best Buy to see if they had the android TV SHIELD. They didn’t, not in the section where the Fire TV and other stuff was, and not in the game section the sales man took us to. He said they might get it on Wednesday.

Why doesn’t Titanfall lag?

The Elder Scrolls Online does. Might be part of the reason I never play it. Opening it now, so it can update. Seeing as I have a slow connection, it might be a while.

NVIDIA SHIELD streams games from the cloud too

Might not need to upgrade my computer or build a new one, if the game I want to play can be streamed. It’s called GRID. I thought that was the local streaming from your computer. Their site doesn’t list the games that are on GRID. I think a review on the shield said GRID is free for now.

Is 6 mbps internet fast enough? I can’t afford any faster internet.

PlayStation Now is a rip off, if you pay for something, the time is counted as soon as you purchase it. So four hours = four hours after you buy it, not play time. So I barely played any of the game I paid to play, didn’t feel like playing it right away. Went to try and play it, and sure enough it expired.

Maybe GRID will have a monthly fee.

The list of GRID games is here.

Should probably switch to Plex for borrowed shows

Twonky doesn’t mark stuff as watched, so you might forget which episodes you already watched are. Plex didn’t work in linux, wouldn’t read my external drive.

I’d still have to use Kodi for live TV, probably recorded TV too. That marks stuff as read I think though.

Looks like Kodi might be able to mark stuff as read, but you have to do it manually. Better then switching to Plex. I’m not a Plex fanboy.

Phone might be slow again

Did disabling all the apps with “AT&T” in it make my phone slower? Maybe one of the AT&T crapware apps is needed. Or maybe Facebook is slowing it down.

I’m not buying a new phone until modular phones come out. So that might be a while.

Smart watch doesn’t count steps anymore?

It said 4 minutes when I got back, it didn’t sync with my phone yet. Looks like my phone is counting, but my watch isn’t.

Either it was syncing more often before the update, or my watch is no longer counting steps. Don’t really need it if it isn’t going to count my steps. Anyone want to buy it?

Comcast finally lowered my bill

It’s $43.15. It’ll probably be $49.99 next month. I gave them 50 last month, but I think I only owed around 40. Doesn’t seem to say if I have a credit or something.


That’s how much battery life I have left. Looks like ZeroLemon is overkill for me. I wonder if the battery my phone came with is defective. A slightly higher capacity slim battery would probably work fine for me. But I like the case the ZeroLemon came with.

Maybe the original battery got destroyed from my Anker two port USB charger. Better not plug phone into it with the new battery. That’s hard to believe though. Anker should be a good brand. The only thing different is it might of been charging the phone faster. Maybe the stock battery doesn’t like faster charging. Won’t risk my ZeroLemon battery then.

Phone is down to 84% now. And back up to 85%.

New Google Photos site is live

Still says I’m using around 40 GB for my pictures. I thought it was unlimited and free for photos now. My camera is 16 MP. Don’t know how big all my RAW picture files are.

If you go to settings, you can change it to “high quality” instead of “original”. But I don’t think it changes existing photos, so you’ll have to manually delete everything and re upload.

Make sure you redownload the Photos auto backup program for windows, it’s updated to support the new service. I selected high quality in it. So all future uploads won’t use my space. Sucks there’s no easy way to delete or compress the existing pictures. RAW images might still take up space though. So I guess I’ll keep paying two bucks a month for 100 GB.


It should be faster then my phone, and it’ll have a bigger screen. Don’t need a tablet, got one that works good enough.

The game streaming with the SHIELD supports Titanfall. Says it supports The Elder Scrolls Online, but only if you use a keyboard and mouse. It wouldn’t be comfortable using a keyboard and mouse on a coffee table. Unless it’s a tall coffee table.