Didn't brick LG G3 yet

I upgraded the third party ROM, and it kept freezing. So I put it in download mode and tried flashing the kitkat tot file using the LG flash tool. It didn't finish, crapped out around 30% I think. Kept trying, and it froze my computer. I had it in my USB 3.0 hub. Put it in my USB 2.0 extension cable and it worked.

Also my USB 3.0 was crapping out, my music would stop, it's being streamed from my linux virtual machine, the virtual machine file is on a USB 3.0 hard drive.

Phone is fast again, it's running kitkat instead of lollipop. Third party lollipop ROMs are slower then the stock kitkat. Probably because I upgraded without formatting everything.

Can't upgrade to lollipop even if I wanted to, I rooted it.

Ran Geeknech and got 986 for the single core score. The other benchmark I did in the past only got around 700. Maybe it was being throttled when I ran it the first time. The $199 ASUS Zenfone 2 gets around 700. So I wonder how much the $299 Zenfone 2 gets, it's around 2 GHz for the CPU speed, the $199 is 1.8 GHz. I'm guessing the $299 scores the same as my phone or better. If you search for ASUS Zenfone 2 on Geekbench's site you won't find it. Guess nobody uploaded their results yet.