How to bypass the time restriction on checking for updates on the AT&T LG G3

You can check more then once a day, if you wipe the software update's data.

Use Titanium Backup, go to the backup/restore tab, scroll down to the Software update, it's the first one, tap it, click backup, then click wipe data. Go to the software update, and you should be able to redownload the OTA file.

Does it store it in /cache? It's not there yet if it does. I have a slow download speed. Under 1 mb/s, I can't afford faster internet.

Hopefully it's a tot file, so I can update using my computer.

The file will be in /cache/fota. You have to have root to access that folder. Good luck manually flashing the files. There's no instructions on google, putting a .tot extension on the dlpkgfile doesn't work. Instructions for G2 don't work either.

Might be an AT&T update, not an android update. That might explain why there isn't anything on xda dev forums about it. There's a comment saying it might be an AT&T update.