If you want to overclock

Get a NZXT water cooler. The 80 dollar one will work good enough for the AMD 6300. The highest temp I've had is 31.6C, according to the CAM software. My CPU isn't overclocked though. I don't put much load on my computer, so it could go higher. I should play a game for a while and see if it goes higher.

My old water cooler was at 35C when browsing the web. New cooler stays under 30C, I've never opened the CAM software and saw it in the 30s. 20C might be the max I've seen it at. I have two fans on mine, used one of the old fans from my old cooler.

Temperature doesn't go down right away, didn't even play The Elder Scrolls Online very long. Was sitting at 24C-25C.

If you do anything in Chrome it goes to 20C-21C.

Max temperature increased to 32.1C.