Will probably get the Fire HD 6

You can root it and put Google Play on it if you really want to.

I'll probably get the 16 GB one. Will have to buy it with the special offers and then pay to disable them if I don't want them. You can't buy the blue one without special offers, don't really need to buy it without them, as you use to be able to pay later to remove them. Also you can remove the ads for free if you get adb working. I'd recommend disabling the phoning home crap if you do that though, otherwise Amazon might know.

ASUS has a tablet for 120 or so, but I like Fire OS.

You can't buy the white one with 16 GB of storage, maybe next month.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has 500 MB more of RAM. But it only comes with 8 GB of storage, and costs more. But I like the Galaxy Tab I have, is it a 2 or 3? Doesn't turn on, probably need to charge it.

It has a micro SD slot. I don't use a lot of apps, mostly just streaming porn via Chrome.