Buy another 1 TB hard drive?

Could move my linux /home drive to one. Then I can retire my two very old Hitachi 500 GB drives. They are in a RAID 1. I’d rather replace it with one drive, and have a free SATA port. It’d be 100 bucks for two 1 TB drives. You can get more RAM for slightly less.

The Hitachi drives I bought before Western Digital bought them. Damn the Hitachi brand might be dead now, at least for 1 TB drives, none of them are sold directly from Amazon. So probably really old drives. Seagate might be slightly cheaper then Western Digital.

$44.99 for a Seagate. Maybe I’ll order it on the 7th, when my sister gives me 50 bucks.

500 GB more space on a 1 TB drive. RAID 1 is a mirror. Rather have a free SATA port then a RAID 1. Only around 100 GB free on my /home drive.

A 500 GB SSD would be nice. But there isn’t really anything on my /home drive that needs speed. I don’t even think it needs to be 7200 RPM.