How long is the cord on my Sega Genesis controller?

Thinking about hooking my Sega and Super Nintendo up. But I don’t think the controller’s cord is long enough. Either need a wireless controller, or a extension cord if they exist.

Need a better HDMI switch, one with a remote. But I’m cheap, so the button one might have to do. Do I have enough HDMI cables? I will connect the old consoles to a up scaler that has HDMI.

Super Nintendo it is for now. Retro bit makes a wireless controller, you can get two for 26 bucks. I’ll see if Amazon has it.

Wait a second, do any of those third party consoles come with wireless controllers?

Actually get the device to play Genesis on the SNES, no new console needed. But they might have a more expensive console with HDMI. Don’t know where my power adapter for the scaler I have is.

Bought a extension cable for my SNES. Comes with two, probably only need to use one.

Scaler turns on with my universal power supply, says 5v on the scaler, but my universal power supply doesn’t do 5v, does 4.5v and 6v. I set it to 4.5v.

Cancelled the order. Don’t need to play SNES. Need to beat Fallout New Vegas before Fallout 4 comes out.