How’d he get upstairs?

Picture of my mom’s new cat. Didn’t ask her how he got up there. Maybe he came up after Tonka left.

Black and white just like Tonka.

Not sure if Meiko cares if there’s another cat in the house. Chibi sniffed him once. Meiko will play with my sister’s little dog.

I think that cat needs some toys. He’s only two or three years old. I should say something to my mom tomorrow, maybe we can go to the pet store and get him something to entertain himself with.

Then again he might prefer to talk to people and be pet. If he could speak English he would. But all he does is meow. I keep thinking he’s going to bite me when he’s meowing and I’m petting him. Probably because Oadis would bite me.

No wallpaper image on phone, just the default. I should make that cat my phone’s wallpaper. I already have Tonka on my computer.