Kingston or Corsair?

Corsair is cheaper. Not sure if it’ll work though, I already have Kingston RAM in my other two slots. But if I understand it correctly, the same colored slots run together, it’s dual channel, not quad channel. So it might not matter.

I should buy the Corsair and if it doesn’t work send it back. But that’s a pain. Easier to spend more for Kingston, but can’t get the same model, it costs $205 now, the new model is $109.06.

Kingston it is. My next computer will most likely use Corsair. Jason’s computer has Corsair in it. Works fine after he reinsterted one of the sticks. Guess I didn’t put it in right.

My bios does have separate memory settings for each pair. Pretty sure if I put ram in the other two slots, they can run at a different speed and timings. Guess I’ll find out next month. That doesn’t sound like it would work, but why else would there be separate overclocking settings?

If you search Google, you’ll find my information is invalid. Apparently I need a dictionary to relearn the word dual.

Based on what I’m reading, dual channel might be gone if you mix RAM. Think I’ll skip on buying more RAM then.

Looking at $214.99 for a 32 GB kit.

I mixed the RAM on my hackintosh with another single stick. Same brand and model, both report something different in system info. Are they running in dual channel though? It’s way faster with another stick in it. So the new model of Kingston memory could work. But I don’t want to be running in single channel, or maybe I do, since I don’t really understand what the difference is. In that case buy Corsair, I think it has better timings, so shouldn’t have a problem running at slower timings.

Have to search Google to find the timings of my RAM. Could reboot and enter bios to see.

Corsair might not have better timings. Why don’t I have CPU-Z installed?

Corsair might work fine. Be cheap and risk losing dual channel? No guarantee the Kingston new model will work either. I’m guessing you can get memory errors and blue screen of deaths by mixing brands too.

I’ll buy the new Kingston model. Hopefully the only thing new is the sexy heat sink.