Looks like I entered the wrong number

Bandwidth control feature of my router works. I entered 6000 Kbps for my download speed. Did a speed test and get around 4 Mbps down. Looks like the upload is almost what I entered.

Think I read something that you are supposed to enter less then what it is. Is 0 unlimited? Download speed doesn’t matter.

Around 5 mbps at 7000 Kbps. Looks like 8000 Kbps should do the trick.

Could search Google for a calculator.

1 Mbps = 1000 Kbps

According to Google. So why do I have to enter 8000 Kbps for 6 Mbps?

Guess I should try uploading some homemade porn and see if I can use the internet.

Haha I fixed it, ADSL was selected for the connection type. Pretty sure I selected Other, guess it changed it back. Now I have to enter 7000 or 6000.

Sweet internet works while uploading homemade porn.

If you do a speed test while uploading, you’ll notice the internet doesn’t work again. Maybe if you wait long enough for it to slow one of the uploads down.

So yes, you can use Comcast internet while uploading on the 6 Mbps plan. Don’t know what the upload is for that plan.

If you don’t know how to read, or change the settings on your router, then no you can’t use Comcast internet while uploading.

BuyVM will have managed VPSes soon. Might need to switch this to one. Their server keeps slowing down.