Maybe I should get an outgoing firewall for Windows

Don’t need an incoming firewall, router does that. If I had one on my computer, I’d have to open various ports for various network things, pain in the ass. What’s the best free or paid outgoing only firewall for Windows? Need something like Little Snitch for Windows.

NetLimiter might be what I want. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another dump to take.

NetLimiter 4 is free while in development, but there’s some features in development that I don’t need. Might be tempted to try and make Titanfall lag, then I’ll be a lag hacker. I need a more simple program, like Little Snitch.

You can limit your upload speed to prevent lagging in Titanfall. But I’d most likely be uploading from my SHIELD, so I need an Android TV app.

FortKnox Personal Firewall is ugly, but might work. Just have to see if there’s any reviews.

Don’t trust FortKnox Firewall. Looks like Windows Firewall Control is the only option. Maybe the warning about no Firewall will go away.

Sweet program, it isn’t responding. Works now. 25 bucks if I want the Plus version. Didn’t appear to turn the firewall on though. And it keeps showing a popup on the right bottom of my screen above the system tray.

There’s another program with the same name on Google, the first result. It’s free. Not sure if the outbound protection is free. Got to reboot to remove the old one.

The real Windows Firewall Control? Which one was made first? That one or the link before?

Windows Firewall Control from is the cheapest option, 10 bucks. Uses the built in Windows firewall. Good enough for me.