Mom had to call the cops

Sister’s bf woke up screaming at her. Sounds like he might of possibly smoked weed with something in it that makes you go crazy. Mom said in the past she didn’t want him there. Not sure how she can kick him out without kicking my sister out.

He left before the cops got there. He’ll probably come back.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to take a beating, so my sister nor mom got hurt. I just heard screaming.

The cops won’t be looking for him. Only if he does something violent. If I said anything to him, I probably would of lost some teeth. Sounded like he said something bad about my mom, called her a whore or something.

Now that I think about it, not sure how I didn’t pick a fight after he called my mom a whore. Wasn’t in the same room, I guess that’s how.

Oh yeah he’s sending somebody over to get his hat.

I had to call my mom to make sure he didn’t come back. I guess my sister is gone. She isn’t answering her phone. And she’s not downstairs I assume. She really shouldn’t be around that guy. She was really upset about the whole thing. But the cops are going to get called, that’s part of the reason she doesn’t want him in her house, they get in fights.

She might of went somewhere else though. But most likely with that guy. She could call her from my VoIP number that might be gone, if my account ran out of money. She won’t know the number. Seven bucks left in it.

She came back. Probably went on a walk.

My neighbor Jack said she can kick him out. She tried that, and my sister let him in. She probably needs to contact somebody, not sure who. Whoever can tell her how to make it very clear he’s not wanted at her house. Going crazy isn’t helping him.

He can take his drugs and do them somewhere else.

Was it PCP that she said the weed he smoked might of contained? Glad he left if that’s what he smoked.