Need to save my money

Depending on how anxious I am at my first private driving lesson, I might end up getting my license. Unless I’m still to anxious. We only paid for one lesson to start with. Might not be anxious if the other person in the car isn’t. Or I will be, but not as much. Driving isn’t new to me, I did it a long time ago.

How good or bad are pictures with a twenty or so dollar lens? It’s an old lens. Cheaper then buying the Panasonic super zoom.

Probably would only use the Panasonic camera once, and then it would collect dust.

Kind of want a compact camera with a lot of zoom. Easier to carry, you won’t get 60x optical zoom though. I have an Olympus. Might be fine for outside pictures when it’s light out. Haven’t tried it.

My compact Olympus camera is 10x zoom. Third party upstart battery was dead, but the battery it came with has a charge.

My cellphone takes better indoor pictures then my 80 dollar Olympus camera. Probably the same outside, but I can zoom in on the Olympus. That 20 dollar lens would probably be better, but bigger and won’t fit in my pocket.

Take a bunch of pictures of my hairy F.U.P.A and sell the camera on eBay. Might be able to get twenty bucks for it, they’ll be thrilled when they click the preview button on the camera. The eBay fees are to high, wouldn’t pay for the lens + adapter.

Don’t need to use 80 dollar Olympus, my 30mm lens is almost the max of my 80 dollar Olympus’s zoom.

M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 R I’d buy that lens, if I could get it for 100 bucks. New or used, doesn’t matter. I can get a Vivitar 28-105mm for around 30 bucks. Need an adapter, still under a hundred bucks. Better aperture on the Vivitar too.