NVIDIA SHIELD doesn’t stream games from my computer to my TV anymore

Just says to login to GeForce Experience. It’s logged in. Guess the driver update made one of my firewalls block it.

The easiest solution would be to disable my firewall.

Google is completely useless when searching. Turned firewall off, still doesn’t work.

Logged out in GeForce Experience, now says there’s an error and it must close, every time I open it. Looks like I can switch to AMD video cards, can’t stream with NVIDIA anymore.

Looks like I get to reinstall the driver. If that doesn’t fix it, then no GeForce Experience for me. I have to manually delete a bunch of stuff too after uninstalling it.

I wouldn’t recommend reinstalling the NVIDIA driver. Requires a ton of reboots, and the installer will fail when you finally remove it. Looks like the installer is working this time.

Still doesn’t work. After logging in with Google, you’ll get a nice error and it’ll close. Can’t login without Google cause I don’t know my password. When I click the get help with logging in I get a 403 error. NVIDIA is crap as far as I’m concerned.

Found the reset password link, thanks to Google.

that account is social signin only

Haha no NVIDIA SHIELD game streaming for me.

Revoking access to NVIDIA on Google, and relogging in doesn’t work either. Same error and closes.