You can’t transfer Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 using the Windows Easy Transfer program

Microsoft decided you can’t go from 7 to 8.1 using their “easy” program. There’s a program from the people that made my backup program that might work. Guess I’ll search some more on Google, and see if there’s a free way. The free version of the program only does two applications. The easy program doesn’t do applications at all though.

It might work if you save the transfer file to an external drive and then plug the drive into the new computer and select it in the new and improved easy transfer program.

I’m not transferring my computer. My grandma bought my sister’s gaming laptop. If I had 500 bucks, I might of bought it.

Easiest solution is to pony up 50 bucks and buy Todo PCTrans Pro. Old review says it’s slow and doesn’t find all utility programs. I assume it’s a old review because the price is 40 bucks, instead of 50 bucks. Didn’t look at the date.

You can securely erase the free space on a hard drive with CCleaner

That’s easier then wiping the entire drive, and then reinstalling Windows. You could reinstall Windows, then run CCleaner. Or delete everything including user accounts and make a new one called owner. If Windows doesn’t delete the usersusername folder, delete it manually.

Video card might need to be cleaned

AC is working better, but my video card is still in the 40s C, when not doing anything. I think the max was always 80C. So maybe the fan speed just needs to be increased.

Lowest temperature for CPU is 10.4C.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

30 bucks on Steam. I have 30 bucks, but I haven’t beaten 2 yet. If I get the new one, I won’t want to play 2 anymore. I have until the 22nd to decide.

If I needed a SD card

Amazon has Transcend flash memory products on sale. 32 GB for 11 bucks. I already have a Sandisk in my camera, think it’s 16 GB. Probably cost more too. I have a Sandisk in my 2DS too.

11 bucks is a good price. But it would just collect dust.

They also have a 1 TB SSD for $288. Out of stock though.

You could use the card like you would a USB drive. I already have a USB 3.0 card reader.

I just took a big dump btw.

Will stuff boot from that SD card? The Lexar thumb drive reboots when I try to boot something from it, show’s the boot menu, click enter and it reboots. I got Ubuntu booting on it once, whatever is on it now doesn’t boot. Either the thumb drive is bad, or not compatible with my VIA USB 3.0 hub or card. My USB 3.0 Sandisk has OS X on it, for my hackintosh.

I wonder if the Lexar thumb drive works on my hackintosh. To lazy to plug a wired keyboard and mouse in to see.

Review on the faster 64 GB one says to not use it as a USB thumb drive. Also says to not delete anything from it, reformat it in the camera after you copy everything to your computer.

I do the unrecommended and delete the images after I copy them. I read you aren’t supposed to do that before I read that review. I do it anyways, because I don’t care. It’s still fast.

Transcend 64 GB High Speed 10 UHS-3 Flash Memory Card 95/60 MB/s (TS64GSDU3) I should buy that in case I ever get a new camera that can record 4k, oh wait the price will be less by then for the card. Better wait on getting a faster card.

AC is fixed

I took the cover off and cleaned the filter off. I rinsed the filter off in the bathtub. Had to use a bucket because it’s to long to go under the faucet.

Look at that CPU temperature went down and the GPU only went down one degree though.

Maybe not completely fixed. Closed the window again, and it isn’t going down to 15C anymore. I was trying to get the cover on perfectly. Maybe it’s blocking something. Since it isn’t on correctly.

You can record on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

You hold the home button down on the controller, then recording options popup and some other stuff. If I read the manual or searched on Google, I would of found the answer, I just assumed you couldn’t. Will it save the recordings to my computer? Probably not. So I’ll have fun trying to send the file to my computer.

I’ll need to delete it from the SHIELD too, only 16 GB of space, less because of Android.

Uploading to Picasa will increase your ping to over 900. Makes playing Titanfall impossible. Nice and the resolution is only 360p, instead of 1080p. No sound either.

Dishwasher works

Ran it earlier, checked it a while ago, no water in it. Instead of turning a knob, it has things you click. Easier then trying to turn it and land exactly on Normal. In six years I might need a new one again.

Funny the manager lady was trying to be friendly to me. I’m an asshole and said “yup”. No conversation.

How did she know I don’t have 500 bucks?

Sister didn’t ask me if I wanted to buy her gaming laptop. It only has a NVIDIA GT820M. Wait for the new AMD laptops, might have slower processors, but better video. Maybe some of them will have an Intel processor and a dedicated AMD video card. They will cost between $400-$700.

The screen resolution on the laptop my sister has is only 1366 x 768, no wonder it only has a GT820M.

It’s a MSI CX61. It was first available February 27, 2014 on Amazon. She bought it in January of this year.