Best streaming device I ever purchased. Don’t care that it only does stereo audio, it’s plugged into my TV and then the optical out on TV is going to soundbar. I read on a review that the audio it’s using for 5.1 and 7.1 doesn’t work with optical. So an HDMI audio extractor wouldn’t fix it, it would be doing the same thing as the TV. You’d need HDMI on your soundbar or receiver.

I like my yamaha soundbar. I don’t know if yamaha has one with HDMI inputs. The Yamaha YSP-2500 Sound Bar with Bluetooth and Wireless Subwoofer has HDMI inputs, it’ll cost you a grand though.

Getting a new dishwasher

Guess they didn’t want to pay $170 to fix the one I have. I think she said it was 6 years old, so it’s probably better to replace it. The dishwasher is coming tomorrow. If they fixed it, it could break again. Eventually that’ll add up, and it’ll be more then if they just replaced it. I’m guessing the big boss lady Marge made the decision. They haven’t noticed my AC not working very well. I can still sleep at night, so I probably won’t tell them. It might just need to be cleaned, which I can do myself.

Sure enough they came again while walking dog

It was almost 11:30 am, so I thought they wouldn’t be coming until after 12 pm, the office is closed at 12 pm until 1 pm. Plenty of time to walk the dog. Sure enough they called while walking, didn’t answer it, they left a message, that doesn’t make a lot of sense if you read the transcript. Sounded like they wanted to fix something, so either the dishwasher or the leak. Or maybe both.

I called them back. Said the maintenance guy is coming. So probably to fix the leak. Not sure when the dishwasher is getting fixed. Unless he has the part and is doing that too.

The leak should be fixed. That means I can use the kitchen sink again. I guess they had to order a part for the dishwasher.

Leak under kitchen sink

I’m guessing the maintenance guy didn’t put the pipe back together tight enough. Don’t think there was a leak until after he did something. The dishwasher repairmen came today, they have to get a part, not sure when they are coming back. They noticed the leak, that’s how I know about it.

Personally I would fire the maintenance guy.

Linux still has my Borderlands 2 save file

Looks like I don’t have to start Borderlands 2 all over again. Can’t remember if I made any progress in Windows, if I did, I’ll get to do that over again.

Might need a new AC

Closed the window to see if the AC would work better. Didn’t get any cooler. CPU might be hotter though. Should probably open the window back up. GPU is idling at 50C. I’m guessing the fan isn’t at full speed on the GPU. Maybe when they come to fix my dishwasher they will notice my AC blows compared to the other ones and replace it. The AC repairman said something needed to be replaced on it. Or maybe he meant the whole thing.

The AC is at the lowest temperature. Tonka is probably hotter then me. Cool enough for me, so I probably won’t tell them my AC sucks.

I did have to turn the fan on in my room, easier to sleep that way.

I think it’s around 70F in my apartment, might of went up after closing window.

My router isn’t NVIDIA SHIELD ready

Review on Amazon for the SHIELD says streaming games only works with supported routers. My TP-LINK isn’t on NVIDIA’s list. They must have a pretty crappy router. I have a version 1 Archer C7. The GRID streaming was working on wifi, never tried it on ethernet, I use the streaming from my computer. They do have two buffalo routers on their list. Not really needed since ethernet works better.

Swift is coming to linux?

I read on engadget that it’ll be open source. According to phoronix, Apple will support it on linux. If it’s open source somebody can get it working in Windows too.

Apple Music is coming to Android this fall

Sweet, will it be better then Google’s music thing? I tried a trial of the Google thing, didn’t like the music it selected for me.

If it has a free trial I’ll try it. Oh wait, Windows gets it June 30th, so I can try it then. Not sure I’ll pay for it before the android app is out though.