Can’t change web hosts

It would take to long to upload my backup, so hopefully my current host doesn’t crap out. If something happens, I’ll cancel. Can’t use the internet while uploading, not sure my connection is slow enough to upload 5 GB overnight. Might take weeks.

Buy a Canon lens

And an adapter. You’ll have to use the lens in manual mode, but you save a ton of money. There’s a setting on Olympus micro 4/3rd cameras, no lens mode or something. Can’t remember what the setting is called.

If you are crazy like me, buy the Vivitar 650-1300mm f/8-16 Telephoto Zoom Lens for Micro 4/3 m43 Olympus PEN E P3 it’s new for 200 bucks. That lens probably weighs more then my camera.

I think you can put that lens on a tripod. Only downside is you have to be at least 16 feet away to take a picture with it.

You need a heavy duty tripod for that lens.

I have enough gold for a Canon lens and an adapter. But having to change a setting on the camera all the time would be annoying, and I’d forget, so I’d either be using the lens that work without an adapter in manual mode, or the adapter lens wouldn’t work, and I’d wonder why.

They would ship the Canon lens by USPS, that means I can deliver it to my apartment. Unless it requires a signature.

You can get a 70-210mm Vivitar lens for 20 bucks on eBay. Free shipping. I don’t buy known/good brands. Doesn’t say how it is shipped. Can I get an expensive lens adapter that allows you to use auto focus on lens? Oh wait, a auto focus lens will cost you more then 20 bucks. Damn.

To many lenses, don’t think I want the Vivitar, says macro.

Need to buy a Fuji camera, never owned one, but a lot of people seem not to like them. I like the brands nobody else likes. But mostly I like the word Fuji.

How long is the cord on my Sega Genesis controller?

Thinking about hooking my Sega and Super Nintendo up. But I don’t think the controller’s cord is long enough. Either need a wireless controller, or a extension cord if they exist.

Need a better HDMI switch, one with a remote. But I’m cheap, so the button one might have to do. Do I have enough HDMI cables? I will connect the old consoles to a up scaler that has HDMI.

Super Nintendo it is for now. Retro bit makes a wireless controller, you can get two for 26 bucks. I’ll see if Amazon has it.

Wait a second, do any of those third party consoles come with wireless controllers?

Actually get the device to play Genesis on the SNES, no new console needed. But they might have a more expensive console with HDMI. Don’t know where my power adapter for the scaler I have is.

Bought a extension cable for my SNES. Comes with two, probably only need to use one.

Scaler turns on with my universal power supply, says 5v on the scaler, but my universal power supply doesn’t do 5v, does 4.5v and 6v. I set it to 4.5v.

Cancelled the order. Don’t need to play SNES. Need to beat Fallout New Vegas before Fallout 4 comes out.

Western Digital or Seagate?

I’ve seen a Western Digital drive die, it was the first computer my mom got. They used used parts. Don’t know how old the drive was. I killed a Seagate drive by dropping it or something, and Seagate replaced it for free. I think it died again, it was in a tiny desktop computer, so it overheated and died. Didn’t bother trying to get it replaced again, I damaged it trying to remove it.

Based on a review for Seagate, their drive died after 2+ years. The warranty is two years only. I’d buy Hitachi, but that is basically Western Digital now. Damn the warranty on Western Digital is only two years too.

Why does a good zoom lens cost 500 bucks?

You can buy a new camera for 300 bucks with a kit lens, not 300mm zoom though. You can buy a Panasonic super zoom for 280 or so. The 75 to 300mm will take better pictures then a Panasonic super zoom. If you aren’t making money, the Panasonic is probably fine.

Sister is with her crazy bf

Looks like him going crazy didn’t result in her dumping him. She might be back on the 1st or so, after he gets his money, and gets in a big fight with her.

Her phone goes straight to voice mail, most likely off.

iPhone 6 smokes my LG G3 in Geekbench 3

The single core score, is 911 for the G3, and 1609 for the iPhone. The multi core score is also slightly better, 2884 vs 2474 for my G3. Does the iPhone 5C smoke it too? Better search, I’ll gladly ditch my phone for an iPhone. It’s not the craziest thing I’ve done.

Damn the 5C doesn’t smoke my G3. Got to wait for the 6c.

Something to do with iOS 9, a benchmark of a iPhone 6 running 8.3 did worse then my G3. iOS 8.4 smokes my G3. Maybe the low scorer has a ton of apps running, or a defective phone.

How to redownload WinPE tools for Todo Backup

Rename the “PEtools” to “PEtools.old” in “C:Program Files (x86)EaseUSTodo Backupbin”. Open Todo Backup and create a WinPE, it’ll ask you to download it, select download from Microsoft.

The PEtools might be corrupted, it wasn’t working when I was trying to make a bootable USB drive, but worked when I did a clean install of Windows and installed Todo Backup. Didn’t try making a bootable drive before redownloading it. I could compare the checksums after it downloads.

It’ll be a while, I’m also downloading a 5 GB backup of my hosting. Not sure if my host really takes backups, if they do, I have no access to them.