Pip-Boy Edition it is

Should get an email from Amazon when it’s available. I’ll probably have to pre order it, if I want it though. Otherwise it’ll be sold out. Will they email me when I can pre order it? Can’t add it to my wish list.

I’d rather wear a Pip-Boy then a watch. I should sell my watch. What does the Pip-Boy wearable do? Looks like it’s huge compared to my watch too.

It’ll probably cost 100 bucks at least. Phone started counting my steps again, I closed the app yesterday and re opened it. Does the Pip-Boy count steps?

If you read the questions, it sold out of the pre order. I probably won’t get it then, since I’m not fast enough to pre order it when it’s available.

The price is $120 on GameStop, you can’t pre order it though. Sold out.