Should just max out my RAM next month

AMD isn’t releasing new processors until next year. Intel would probably cost more then 800 bucks, I want a new case too. The only thing I’m taking from this computer is the video card, hard drives, and blu-ray drive. Will probably put a new video card and hard drive in it, and give it to somebody. If they buy the video card and hard drive, otherwise I’ll just put it in the closet.

If I get 16 GB more of RAM, I can give linux 16 GB of RAM too. Linux is running in VMware Player. Does it do 16 GB of RAM? Or do you have to pay to use that much RAM? Looks like it supports up to 64 GB of RAM. And linux has 2 GB free, out of 4 GB. Don’t really need to give it 16 GB, that means more memory for Windows, which also doesn’t need 16 GB or more.