That’s how you spend around 40 bucks

Bought a manual lens, the Pentax version has good reviews. Had to buy an adapter too. Suppose they could of been using the Canon version with an adapter or something.

How much is 28-105mm on a micro 4/3 camera? I know it’s more. Probably won’t be able to replace 30mm lens with it.

They sent me a message asking if I saw their Vivitar 70-210mm. No I didn’t. Not sure I need 210mm zoom. And it starts at 70mm, which is more on a micro 4/3 camera.

Don’t think I’ll respond. Maybe buy the other one on the 1st. Or not, won’t get the 28-105mm until Friday. It’s shipping to my apartment, so good luck stealing it.

Probably shouldn’t get a manual lens with anymore zoom, it’ll take me to long to make it in focus. So I’ll be getting a picture of nothing.