Toaster ovens are nice

Want some mozzarella sticks, but not half of the bag. Hopefully my rice cooker doesn’t catch on fire, or the sodastream on the other side.

Damn cheez its box, can’t see the light from my chair.

I had to wipe the toaster oven off, it was covered in dust. Haven’t used it for months.

Should of used the oven. Still not heated up. Would of got more in the regular oven. But I got to get my twenty bucks worth of toaster oven.

The rice cooker and sodastream aren’t even hot. Guess they aren’t to close.

Wait, does the light turn off when it’s heated up? Might be waiting for nothing.

Waited almost thirty minutes, put them in and set the timer on it to ten. Should turn itself off when it’s done.

Don’t feel like trying to find the manual to see if the light turns off.