Todo Backup works

It’s been restoring my backup for over twenty minutes. Typing on my phone, probably should of kept hackintosh on. Looks like the WinPe stiff was corrupted. Just have to remember not to use flash drive for anything else. So next time I need to restore my backup I can.

Didn’t have to load my USB 3.0 driver to see my 3.0 drives. In Todo Backup that is. Had to install the driver in windows. And the restore is complete.

Downloading gparted live. Should of just restored the whole drive. Windows disk says it isn’t compatible with my version of Windows. I restored the 100 MB partition, but couldn’t restore to the existing 100 MB partition on my SSD, said the target wasn’t big enough. So now I have to use gparted to delete the first partition and resize the other one to 100 MB.

Got to love having a slow connection.

Going to restore the entire drive. I’m sure I’ll have to boot the Windows disk to fix it so it can boot. Don’t have a backup recent enough to have that fixed already.