Tonka scared the cat away

Mom got a new cat a while ago, sister brought him over. He finally came upstairs, probably smelled the fish, Tonka saw him and barked, he went running back downstairs.

He’s a really friendly cat. He meows when you talk to him, and pet him. He might drive me crazy if I had him. It’s fine for short periods. I picked him up once, and brought him upstairs and gave him some canned cat food. He didn’t scratch or bite me. He ate most of it and then went downstairs.

I let the dogs inside and he was on the stairs, and none of the dogs reacted, I don’t think they saw him.

He will come to you if you keep saying “kitty kitty”. Maybe not anymore, now that Tonka scared him. That means I’ll have to go downstairs to pet him. Damn dog.

Tonka did see him on the table when he was eating, she was trying to sniff him, and he didn’t like it. He meowed or something at her. I don’t think the people that had him had any dogs. He’s young, but not a kitten anymore. If he was a kitten, he might not care about the dogs.

The other cat will run if a dog barks at her too. She’s scared of everything. I think she growled at the new cat once. She doesn’t appear to care that much about him. She goes to the cat room eats, and poops, and leaves. Doesn’t seem to stay down there with him.

I don’t think the new cat cares about small dogs, like Chibi or my sister’s little dog. My sister’s dog might be smaller then him. So he doesn’t care.