Uninstalling NVIDIA will cause a ton of problems

Pre OS doesn’t work either, it says the same error, so somehow stuff got corrupt. Let’s see if I can restore Windows while in Windows. I can’t boot the linux recovery disk, which might only do cloning according to their site, so that won’t work anyways.

It’ll reboot into Pre OS which doesn’t work. Downloading Todo Backup Workstation, maybe reinstalling it will fix it.

Maybe the new NVIDIA driver came with a virus. Going to burn the ISO to a DVD too for Todo Backup. Might end up reinstalling.

Going to downgrade to 8.0, 8.3 is the latest version. If that doesn’t work, I can try downgrading to 7.0.

8.0 installer says I need to reboot, I did reboot. Won’t install cause it thinks I didn’t reboot. 7.0 is installing, if it doesn’t let me restore my backup, I guess I’m out of luck. Could of screwed Windows up by running the registry cleaner in crap cleaner.

I had to reboot into safe mode to delete the folder. And it’s installing 6.0, don’t know where the 7.0 file is.

Sweet I have a upgrade file to 7.0.

8.0 appears to be installing, used the removal tool from their site.