You can’t transfer Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 using the Windows Easy Transfer program

Microsoft decided you can’t go from 7 to 8.1 using their “easy” program. There’s a program from the people that made my backup program that might work. Guess I’ll search some more on Google, and see if there’s a free way. The free version of the program only does two applications. The easy program doesn’t do applications at all though.

It might work if you save the transfer file to an external drive and then plug the drive into the new computer and select it in the new and improved easy transfer program.

I’m not transferring my computer. My grandma bought my sister’s gaming laptop. If I had 500 bucks, I might of bought it.

Easiest solution is to pony up 50 bucks and buy Todo PCTrans Pro. Old review says it’s slow and doesn’t find all utility programs. I assume it’s a old review because the price is 40 bucks, instead of 50 bucks. Didn’t look at the date.