Could get myself a new phone

Pay the monthly fee to my mom if she switches to T-Mobile. Their phones have a monthly fee. Don’t think the G4 is worth buying, the G3 isn’t as good as it was before the lollipop update.

Don’t want any of T-Mobile’s phones. Apple, LG, and Samsung pretty much sums up what they have. The HTC phone is the only one I’d get.

The Moto X is $299 now. No contract and unlocked. You can get an ASUS phone for $299 with 4 GB of RAM.

I have enough gold to buy a $299 phone. But I was going to save most of my money.

ASUS has lots of junkware. Better off the the Moto X. I’d have under a hundred bucks if I bought it. Boohoo no phone for me. Maybe the price will be $199 next month.