Dark pictures

Is it my lens or my E-PM2? The flash has to be set at the max EV to make it brighter. Not a little flash either, like the one it came with.

Not using the flash might be the solution, or increase the ISO and use the flash. But if you don’t use the flash, it’ll increase the ISO for you.

Can’t upload pictures with WordPress, says “http” error.

The latest Chrome update is crap, at least in Windows. If you browse away from a self signed https site, like viewing it without SSL, it’ll give you a warning again. Exporting then importing the certificate didn’t work, I restarted Chrome too. So it looks like uploading won’t work in Chrome, thanks to the new update.

Problem fixed, use the flash with an ISO of 800. You’ll get pictures you never thought you could take. Apparently my Olympus E-PM2 is to stupid to pick a high enough ISO when on the auto setting.

Tonka by Thomas Vanvalkinburgh on 500px.com

And now I don’t need a new camera. Turns out it was my fault for using auto for the ISO.