Dynex™ - Large Camera Backpack - Black

If my local Best Buy had it, I’d buy it. 45 bucks for a good sized camera backpack. You can easily spend 70 bucks on one. I guess you do get free shipping if you spend 35 bucks or more on Best Buy. If I get anymore lens, I’ll have to choose which ones to bring with me. But with that backpack, I’d be good for more then three lens. Not sure how many lens it can fit, depends if I buy the old Canon FD lens, or a micro 4/3 lens.

Best Buy

The Amazon backpack for the same price has some bad reviews. Can’t risk the straps breaking, there goes all my camera stuff.

Get a bigger regular bag, and put it in my backpack. Problem solved. I have a nice backpack. Might not be the best idea to throw all my camera stuff in it without it being in a bag.