Eye strain on PS4

Looks like other people have the same problem with the PS4. Turning all post processing crap off on the TV might help, or renaming the input to “PC”. TV might turn off crap if you name the input PC, don’t think I can rename the inputs though.

So get a TV with no post processing.

Oh yeah, the Xbox One will cause eye strain too, so don’t sell your PS4 and buy an Xbox One, you’ll be disappointed.

It might of helped. But its in my head that my eyes feel funny when playing it.

Might have something to do with the field of view, according to this.

Should sell my PS4 if I can’t play it. Or play it with my eyes feeling funny. Maybe I need to move closer too. But I want to play TV games on my couch. But the field of view thing might be true, because streaming PC games might not make my eyes feel as funny. If at all, can’t remember, haven’t played any PC games lately on TV or monitor.

Not sure it’s eye strain, you don’t seem to have to play very long for my eyes to start feeling funny.