Files aren’t important enough to spend 300 bucks

I’ll probably get a Seagate 4 TB for $109 on Amazon. Could get an Emerson 50″ HDTV for $448 at Walmart. But I don’t really need a new TV. Not sure the Emerson will look as good as my JVC anyways. The TV doesn’t appear to be on Walmart’s site. Walmart’s site has a RCA 50″ for $360.

How much is a 4 TB drive from OWC? Probably at least 200 bucks. But they use good drives, I have an old 1 TB OWC external drive that still works. $257.50 for a 4 TB OWC drive. Files aren’t worth $257 either.

A newer/faster SSD for my hackintosh would be cheaper. Old SSD is fast enough, just not very big.

The only thing not backed up on my 3 TB drive is my blu-ray rips. I still have all the blu-rays, so I can rip them again when the drive dies. Therefore my files aren’t worth $109 either.

I should replace my 500 GB drives though, they are probably going to kick the bucket soon.