Fuck, I need all new surge protectors

Apparently they don’t last forever. And if it’s blinking, it took a surge and isn’t protecting shit anymore.

Light is off, unplugged UPS from it, and it started blinking again. Guess I need three surge protectors, don’t care about phone enough to buy four.

I think the other two are fine, they aren’t blinking, and the APC one has a green light. Amazon doesn’t sell any with 3,000 or more joules? Yup they have a APC.

And it looks like surge protectors don’t protect you from all surges. If there’s lightning nearby it can fry your stuff. Guess I better start turning off computer and unplugging it.

I’ll unplug the ethernet on my desktop too. Router, modem, TV, and soundbar will all get fried, but not my computer. Better unplug optical cable from desktop to soundbar too.