Giant lens came

lens_20150703_195917 Didn’t put it on camera yet. It might be hard to manually focus. And I have to change a setting on my camera.

Didn’t have to change any settings on my camera. Focusing might be easy, but the quality after you take the picture isn’t very good. Maybe I do need to change a setting. Don’t know where the no lens setting is. The zoom is the same as my 10x optical Olympus camera. Was hoping it would be more.


Might not be the lens for taking indoor pictures. That picture was edited with Aftershot Pro and Neat Image. Neat Image didn’t get rid of all the noise.

The filter on the lens could be degrading the quality. Don’t know if Tiffen makes high quality filters.

There’s a thing on the adapter that says “open” and “locked”. Does that mean the lens is locked into the adapter? Don’t think so, might have something to do with the aperture. Can’t remember what you are supposed to have it on. Maybe open.