Good idea

Turn hackintosh into a file server. Keep OS X on it. What’s the biggest laptop drive you can buy? Looks like they have 2 TB. 2 TB might be the biggest. It has USB 3.0 but no room on desk for anymore external drives.

There might be 3 TB drives from Toshiba, if you can find them. A site on Google said Toshiba announced 3 TB 2.5″ drives, I think it was in January. Couldn’t find the drive on Amazon or Newegg. That was on my phone though.

I can probably find somewhere to put a USB 3.0 drive. Maybe an enclosure with two or four bays. Put it on the shelf thing where my modem is. Not sure I’d buy a Mediasonic ProBox, last time I looked at it, it had some bad reviews. Might be better with a 2 bay enclosure from OWC. Or one that comes with drives from OWC. I have an old OWC drive, it has USB 2.0 and eSATA, I assume it has USB, I use the eSATA.

I think OWC use to have a dual bay drive enclosure that looked like mine, just bigger. Guess I’ll see what dual bay enclosures Amazon has. Or buy another Insignia enclosure, only one drive with that though.