How do you know she’ll be fine?

Neighbor gave me some watermelon for Tonka, and some for me. I tried it and didn’t like it. Tonka loves it. But I didn’t know watermelon had seeds, so she got some seeds. I tried getting all the seeds on the second piece before giving her it. I might of ate some seeds too, no worries, I don’t care if I die.

Google says she can get a blockage from the seeds. Might mean a lot of seeds, like more then two pieces worth of seeds. Maybe the whole watermelon.

How would I know watermelons have seeds? I don’t eat watermelons, I assumed I didn’t like it, and I was right.

Somebody on the internet said she might just get a stomach ache. And some other person said to watch out for seeds with little dogs. But those are just opinions on yahoo answers. So I should probably take her to the emergency vet, so they can surgically remove the seeds.

Good thing I have money in the bank, I’ll need it to pay the emergency vet.