justseed.it might lie about how much bandwidth you have

Thought it said I had around 600 MB of data left, says 49.9 MB, and it stopped downloading the file. 600 – 474.7 = 125.3. So I should have 100 MB or so left. Well looks like I need a new method to borrow TV shows. Not giving justseed.it anymore money.

Nice it finished downloading and stopped it. Guess pausing did the trick. Still not buying more data from them.

Sorry, this is only available to paid users

No downloading it for me. Going to get a hit and run. Better find a new method to borrow.

kyneticweb.com is what you want.

But Archer is the only show I watch, and there’s only 13 episodes in season 6. Maybe I’ll just get my account banned for one hit and run.

No hit and run, I paid 100 bonus points to remove it. Now how the hell am I supposed to watch season 6 of Archer with no cable TV?

Not on Hulu, only season 5.

Glad I didn’t give justseed.it any money. Their site times out. They must of banned me. I could pay another 19 cents, but their site is dead. 19 cents is cheaper then four or five dollars a month. Unless they keep deducting the wrong amount of data.

I can access the justseed.it forum. So if you want to get banned from justseed.it, run out of bandwidth after it deducts the wrong amount.

They unbanned me. Sweet don’t need a seedbox anymore. $1.09 is cheaper.

Still can’t download the tar file. Timed out.

Looks like justseed.it is having problems. No torrents start, just says “starting”. Says the static IP isn’t running. I unchecked static IP, might have to re add the torrents.

Might get banned from the private tracker by not using a static IP.