Maybe that’s what I should buy

A 500 GB SSD. Turn hackintosh into a linux computer instead of a hackintosh. Then I don’t need VMware Player.

Better, buy a M.2 SATA mSATA SSD and a 1 TB laptop drive.

Could probably switch to OS X for website stuff and picture editing. I’ll just buy nothing and wait for a VMware Player update.

Actually, I will buy a mSATA SSD and a 1 TB laptop drive. It’ll be around 140. Not until next month, or the 15th, if they have one of them on sale. Won’t put linux on it, just clone the old drive to the new one. It’ll remain a hackintosh. Might keep it on 24/7, probably move my pictures to it. But that means I’ll need a noise removal software for OS X, I bought the linux only version of Neat Image. There’s a new noise removal program, called noise or something. Think it’s pretty cheap. In the app store.

I can use AfterShot Pro in OS X, the license is good for all operating systems, so I could use it in Windows.

Oh crap, hackintosh is hooked up to my Benq monitor. My AOC monitor matches prints better.

Cheaper to buy two 1 TB desktop drives, one for linux, and one for Windows.

Buy a NAS instead. Then I don’t have to mess with my computer. To cheap to buy a diskless one + a hard drive.