Might be time to buy more RAM for my desktop

89 bucks for Kingston on Amazon. A little under 80 bucks for PNY on Newegg. If you use the 10% off coupon code.

Not sure I should use a different brand of RAM with my existing Kingston RAM. The Kingston for 89 bucks is a newer model, my model costs 200 bucks.

I paid 74 bucks for the 16 GB Kingston RAM I have. $80.49 after tax. Buy the PNY RAM and it’ll be a little less, no tax on Newegg.

Don’t really need 32 GB of RAM anyways.

The timings might be slightly better on the PNY memory. But if I mixed with my RAM, it would have to use the same timings as my Kingston RAM.

The PNY is on sale until the third. Probably won’t buy it. Got to save my money. For I don’t know what.