My AMD 6300 is faster then the AMD A10-8700P

At least the 1.6 GHz one. You can get a 1.8 GHz A10-8700P laptop for 399.99 at Office Depot. But only one memory slot kills the deal. No dual channel memory with only one stick.

Maybe I’ll go to Office Depot and see if they have one on display. Then I can see how slow it is.

Might buy the HP laptop anyways. Doesn’t need to be faster then my desktop, the single core score is almost the same on Geekbench. I need a laptop to put in my camera backpack, it can hold a 15" laptop. Crap just looked my backpack up, 15.4" only, not 15.6". It might fit.

Yes I make rational decisions, buy a laptop because my new camera backpack can hold one. There’s nothing irrational about that. I’ll have over 200 bucks left if I buy it, after all my bills. And that’s with tax. Not sure how much after I buy more toilet paper.

The i3-5010U might score slightly better. Same price. Probably has two memory slots, it has 6 GB of RAM, same price as the AMD laptop at Office Depot. The i3-5010U laptop is at Best Buy.

There’s a Ubuntu user guide, where can I buy the Ubuntu version? And it might not be the same laptop, doesn’t list a 6 GB RAM module in the service guide. It would be two sticks, 4 GB + 2 GB.

The Intel laptop would be better for linux. The AMD video driver isn’t very good for new hardware. It might work, but don’t expect to play any games. I might try booting linux and see if most of the hardware is supported. Don’t need the touch screen to be supported on the Intel laptop. But I’m not an Intel fan boy. Probably buy the AMD one. No sales people bother me at Office Depot. Best Buy sucks for buying stuff. They will try to sell me one I can’t afford. Maybe go there and say “Ok I’ll come back in a month or two.”.