New lens works indoor better without the polarizer on

Whoever I bought the lens from, they left a polarizer filter on it. Won’t do you any good inside.

[caption id=“attachment_389” align=“alignnone” width=“300”]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption]

If you zoom into that picture, you’ll see it isn’t as good as my other lens. Looks fine if you don’t zoom in, and on the camera’s screen. Maybe it wasn’t in complete focus.

Maybe my new used lens is a knockoff Vivitar.

Grandpa was right, you have to attach the lens with the adapter in the open position, then lock it after you attach the lens. Found that here.

Need to take the Tiffen haze filter off too. Grandpa says Tiffen is good if you don’t want to spend a hundred bucks. I spent 30 or 40 bucks on the filter for my other lens. I can use it on my 30mm or 17mm. I have an adapter for my 17mm to use the filter.

I paid $36.29 for a B+W UV filter. Looks like they make a 67mm one too. The lens I bought was only 31 bucks. Just use it without the filter. Sometimes there’s a blue dot on my screen. Might have something to do with zooming.