No wonder my computer’s temperature increased

It’s 80 degrees in my apartment. I had the window open, thought that was the reason. Apparently my AC reset itself to 80. Had to decrease it to 68. Why did it turn off if it’s 80 degrees in here? Stupid AC. I should have somebody strong come over and exchange my AC for the one in the hallway.

Looks like the heat doesn’t bother me that much. No need to tell the office anything. They probably won’t be there until Monday anyways. Maybe if I kick it a couple times it’ll turn back on.

The only reason I checked the AC, is my computer’s temperature increased.

It went up to 81, was trying to get the damn thing to turn on. Should probably turn my computer off tonight, since my AC is an ass. And it just turned on. Should be on for a while to get it down to 68.