Olympus Air A01 Black

Maybe I should replace my camera with that. It would be easy to take selfies with it, don’t attach it to your phone. Not sure it would fit in my pocket with my phone. The E-PL6 is only a year newer then my camera, so is the E-P5.

Should see if my mom will give me a hundred bucks for my E-PM2 and then buy the E-PL6 or E-PL7. Probably the E-PL7, it has wifi, so you can control it with your phone. It would be cheaper to get the Air though. But I’d keep my E-PM2 if I got the Air. Can’t get the E-PL7, don’t want to pay $499 for the body + kit lens. I need the kit lens to give my mom or whoever I sell the E-PM2 to. Kind of useless without a lens.

So it looks like the Air is the wisest option. Get the Air and a Sony micro SD card. I have a Sony micro SD card in my phone, appears to work fine. Or be cheap and take the micro SD card out of my phone. But that requires taking my case off, it’s a pain to get on correctly, I thought I broke my phone last time I took it off, phone wouldn’t turn on.

Not sure if the Air will attach to my phone, it has a giant case on it. Sweet, payday is Friday. The 1st is on a Saturday.

Don’t know when it’ll be in stock on Amazon. I don’t need the kit lens. The E-PL6 is the same price and comes with the kit lens, but no wifi.

Actually I think it would be better to buy the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 (Black) for Olympus and Panasonic Micro 4/3 Cameras. But that might be overkill. I have the f2.8 17mm. The 25mm lens is a hundred bucks cheaper, but that’s only 5mm less then my Sigma 30mm.