Blue dot on E-PM2

Looks like it’s something to do with my camera, not the lens. I had the lens cap on, I was just formatting my SD card. Think I saw that blue dot when using the Vivitar lens though and the lens cap wasn’t on.

More pictures with the Vivitar Series 1 28-105 mm F/2.8-3.8 zoom lens on a micro 4/3 camera with an adapter



Was taken without the Tiffen filter.



Taken with the Tiffen filter. Don’t see any difference.

Enjoy the highly compressed JPG files. To lazy to change settings in AfterShot Pro, and uploading a 7 MB file takes a long time. I have shitty dial up from Comcast.

Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm would be nice, more zoom. But I can’t focus in the sunlight, can’t see screen well enough. Not sure if the viewfinder accessory works with all lens, one of them is for the 17mm only. Get a DSLR and another adapter, problem solved. Just get the cheapest Canon DSLR there is, well maybe not the cheapest, just 8 megapixels minimum.

What do outdoor in focus pictures look like with this lens?

Super bokeh?



That might be the best picture I took with my new used lens. His feet aren’t in focus. Maybe I should of changed the aperture.

I never claimed to be an architect.

Dynex™ – Large Camera Backpack – Black

If my local Best Buy had it, I’d buy it. 45 bucks for a good sized camera backpack. You can easily spend 70 bucks on one. I guess you do get free shipping if you spend 35 bucks or more on Best Buy. If I get anymore lens, I’ll have to choose which ones to bring with me. But with that backpack, I’d be good for more then three lens. Not sure how many lens it can fit, depends if I buy the old Canon FD lens, or a micro 4/3 lens.

Best Buy

The Amazon backpack for the same price has some bad reviews. Can’t risk the straps breaking, there goes all my camera stuff.

Get a bigger regular bag, and put it in my backpack. Problem solved. I have a nice backpack. Might not be the best idea to throw all my camera stuff in it without it being in a bag.

Apartment is cleaner

Did a half ass vacuum and mop job. Haven’t mopped for months probably.

The dog hair got stuck in the vacuum cleaner, had to pull it out. Probably didn’t get it all either. If my vacuum clogs up, that means I don’t have to vacuum. I’ll just say I’m not a vacuum repairman.

New lens works indoor better without the polarizer on

Whoever I bought the lens from, they left a polarizer filter on it. Won’t do you any good inside.



If you zoom into that picture, you’ll see it isn’t as good as my other lens. Looks fine if you don’t zoom in, and on the camera’s screen. Maybe it wasn’t in complete focus.

Maybe my new used lens is a knockoff Vivitar.

Grandpa was right, you have to attach the lens with the adapter in the open position, then lock it after you attach the lens. Found that here.

Need to take the Tiffen haze filter off too. Grandpa says Tiffen is good if you don’t want to spend a hundred bucks. I spent 30 or 40 bucks on the filter for my other lens. I can use it on my 30mm or 17mm. I have an adapter for my 17mm to use the filter.

I paid $36.29 for a B+W UV filter. Looks like they make a 67mm one too. The lens I bought was only 31 bucks. Just use it without the filter. Sometimes there’s a blue dot on my screen. Might have something to do with zooming.

Think I’ll get my license

My anxiety can kiss my stinky anus, or lick, whichever it prefers. If a driving instructor says you drive fine, it means something, he has driven with a ton of people.

Maybe the doctor will prescribe a beta blocker, take it before the lessons. Might not need as many lessons that way. It’d be nice if I only needed five more lessons, then I can use the last one for the bundle, you get 40 minutes of practice, and then take the test for the last twenty minutes. So you can work on whatever is the hardest.

Having a driving instructor that knows what he is doing makes a big difference. Apparently the B&B driving instructor said I should never drive. The first instructor I had from there.

Go to 911 driving school, you will be way happier.

Must want to drive, my OCD is obsessing over some of the stuff he taught me. Like how to park. B&B didn’t teach me to park.

BuyVM has nightly backups

All OpenVZ 256MB+ plans include nightly backups with 7 days of rolling retention.

Do the KVM 256MB+ plans also have nightly backups? If not can they load the modules needed for APF?

The KVM page mentions no nightly backups, but the OpenVZ page does.

I’ll keep my shared hosting. Maybe I’ll switch when it gets permanently slow.

Update 6/10/16
Not true. See here. I can make snapshots, but no backups. They said last weekend, or the weekend before, that there would be backups. Still no backups.

Does my mom’s desktop have a DVD drive?

Don’t know if it’ll boot from USB. She might get a SSD for it. You can use trim in Windows Vista with a Samsung SSD, if you use the Samsung utility. I should bring my Todo Backup USB drive, I can use it to clone her old drive to the new drive.

Burn Clonezilla to a DVD in case I can’t boot from USB. What thumb drive has Todo Backup on it?

Buy a dual bay USB 3.0 HD dock, and use her laptop, it has USB 3.0. And those are expensive, USB 2.0 will have to do. Or clone the drive to an image file, and then restore it to the SSD.