Think I like manual lens better

No more having to tap on my camera’s screen to focus. Just twist the lens. I had to take the blower out of my camera bag, to put the giant lens in.

Wrong floor

When I got home, the elevator door opened it, I didn’t realize I was on the second floor. Every door looked different, some people have stuff on their door. I just thought they removed the stuff from their door. Got to the end, and noticed something isn’t right, the number on the apartment wasn’t mine. Had to wait a good five minutes for the elevator. Somebody clicked the button on the second floor. Maybe next time I’ll see what floor I’m on before exiting the elevator.

Also a female doesn’t live in the apartment at the end of the hallway on my floor. She was trying to talk to me, but I refused to talk. The world resolves around me, therefore people should tell me I’m on the wrong floor.

Last time I almost exited the elevator on the wrong floor the lady told me it was the second floor.

Giant lens came

Didn’t put it on camera yet. It might be hard to manually focus. And I have to change a setting on my camera.

Didn’t have to change any settings on my camera. Focusing might be easy, but the quality after you take the picture isn’t very good. Maybe I do need to change a setting. Don’t know where the no lens setting is. The zoom is the same as my 10x optical Olympus camera. Was hoping it would be more.


Might not be the lens for taking indoor pictures. That picture was edited with Aftershot Pro and Neat Image. Neat Image didn’t get rid of all the noise.

The filter on the lens could be degrading the quality. Don’t know if Tiffen makes high quality filters.

There’s a thing on the adapter that says “open” and “locked”. Does that mean the lens is locked into the adapter? Don’t think so, might have something to do with the aperture. Can’t remember what you are supposed to have it on. Maybe open.


That might be the reason I don’t get my license. Apparently I drive just fine. I also don’t like being told what to do.

Whatever you do, don’t go to B&B driving school. They won’t teach you a lot of stuff you should know. The 911 driving instructor has heard bad stuff about B&B driving school too. Even hired a driver that use to work at B&B.

A beta blocker might do the trick. There’s other driving instructors, but they will tell you what to do too.

My notes say high anxiety. I’m able to do what he tells me, but super anxious the entire time.

He said somebody who had a ton of anxiety got their license, after they got their permit and went driving, they crashed into a telephone pole, and they both had to go to the hospital. It took her eight lessons, a month or so. That’s about how long I’m looking at if I go back.

No wonder my computer’s temperature increased

It’s 80 degrees in my apartment. I had the window open, thought that was the reason. Apparently my AC reset itself to 80. Had to decrease it to 68. Why did it turn off if it’s 80 degrees in here? Stupid AC. I should have somebody strong come over and exchange my AC for the one in the hallway.

Looks like the heat doesn’t bother me that much. No need to tell the office anything. They probably won’t be there until Monday anyways. Maybe if I kick it a couple times it’ll turn back on.

The only reason I checked the AC, is my computer’s temperature increased.

It went up to 81, was trying to get the damn thing to turn on. Should probably turn my computer off tonight, since my AC is an ass. And it just turned on. Should be on for a while to get it down to 68.

Surge protector doesn’t like my lamp

Surge protector wasn’t blinking all day. Sure enough as soon as I turned my lamp on, it started blinking again. I turned the lamp off, and plugged it directly into the wall. Surge protector is still blinking. It’ll probably stop blinking tomorrow.

Don’t care if lamp gets killed by a surge, I can go to Walmart and buy another one for ten bucks.

Manual razor might be faster

Takes thirty minutes with my electric razor, and I have to go over with a manual razor just in case the electric one doesn’t get everything. I can’t see well enough to know if the electric shaver gets everything, it might now that I only shave Monday and Friday. The hair should be longer.

But if the electric shaver gets most of it, the manual razors I bought in bulk, will last a very long time. Probably have to replace the blade on my electric shaver before having to buy more manual razors.

I lied, it doesn’t take thirty minutes. Had to shave tonight, didn’t want to delay the day tomorrow. Didn’t do a very good job either, but I never do.

Don’t need an appointment to get lotion

But it looks like it is going to cost four bucks. That blows ass. Might be cheap, but I don’t like spending money on medical related crap.

Had to delete the rest of the post, might offend somebody. That’s what is for, nobody can read the offensive posts. Or the non offensive posts that are in the erotica category. To lazy to go through all 4,000 useless posts and put the non offensive ones in a different category.