Text is easier to read in Windows 10

Looks like Windows finally caught up to OS X’s font. Could of been better in Windows 8, but I would of had to pay to get that.

That’s good news, my monitor isn’t the problem.

Let’s see if The Elder Scrolls Online lags as much in Windows 10

Looks like it finished downloading/applying patches. I was outside for a while, so I don’t know when it finished.

I may never know, it’s taking a long time to load the character selection screen. Nice as I wrote this it loaded.

Nice no lag yet. Should be able to tell right away, before it would have a little lag when walking. Either something was wrong with Windows 7, or one of the patches got rid of the lag. I never reported the problem to them.

Also my eyes feel funny. They need to add controller support, so I can play on my TV. Monitor is to close, need a longer desk.

And I finally got some lag. Still less then before.

And the game crashed.

Don’t log in to a Microsoft account in Windows 10

It’ll convert your account to a non local account. So you’ll have to login with your random password. Luckily I saw that it did that before logging out. It asked me to verify it was my account. And I saw in the account the name was my email. It’ll show your username in the start menu too.

Tonka might get herself evicted

Some lady got a new dog. The dog she had before attacked Tonka like three times. That dog attacked the old night managers dog, she either had to get rid of the dog, or get evicted. When Tonka sees her new little dog, she completely freaks out. I was in the yard once, she went inside, and Tonka was still barking. She pulls and jumps up in the air trying to charge at them.

I won’t keep a dog that attacks other dogs. Probably my fault somehow.

Android security flaw

According to engadget.com, there’s a new security flaw in android. Since I can’t update my phone, it’s rooted, and LG doesn’t care about the G3 anymore. I’d have to somehow unroot, and then wait to see if LG ever releases an update. I’d rather buy a new phone.

I would advise against watching porn on your phone. So you’ll need to take your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and desktop to the bathroom with you. I forgot, you’ll need a long ethernet cable too.

I should ditch Google Drive

OneDrive is a better deal, 7 bucks a month for 1 TB. I think Google is like 10 bucks a month, so a whooping three dollars cheaper. Looks like OneDrive has a 100 GB for 2 bucks a month too now.

Would take to long to upload everything. And I get free storage for my JPGs.

If you don’t open The Elder Scrolls Online for a while

You’ll be waiting a long time for it to download patches and apply them. Unless you have a faster internet connection then me. Unfortunately I can’t afford faster internet. And if I could, I wouldn’t pay for it, cheaper in other countries. America is all about money.

Can I play my PS4 now?

I got my light bulbs changed in the living room. The light takes two light bulbs. He just had to go get a step ladder and the light bulbs.

Weird having light in here, didn’t use to.

Eyes still feel funny. Probably have to get use to there being light now.