Replace my LG G3 with the new Moto G?

It’s $219 for the 2 GB of RAM version, and 16 GB of internal space. Almost stock android, so you don’t have to root and freeze the crap apps. It has a micro SD slot, I already have a 32 GB micro SD card. I barely use any apps, so I’ll have lots of free space.

The new Moto X Style won’t be available until September. And the Moto X Play, won’t be available in the US.

Think I’ll pass. I like my giant battery + case.

The back cover might be removable, so ZeroLemon might be able to make a giant battery + case for it.

Maybe my neighbor Jack will give me two hundred bucks for my LG G3. He might want his money back though.

Not enough gold in the bank to get the 2 GB of RAM Moto G with a case. I can get just the phone.

Based on the benchmark of the CPU, the single core score is less then my LG G3. Don’t care about the multi core score. It would be a downgrade. But you get to select the colors of your phone if you buy from Motorola.

My phone might be lying about the Geekbench score, it could be throttling when you aren’t using a benchmark program.