Serval WS

If only I had over 2k, I could buy that laptop from System76. It has a desktop CPU. Mobile GPU though. Probably wouldn’t play games on it, I like overkill everything. Over 2k, cause I would need a PCI Express SSD, and a 1 TB drive, and more RAM. If you only get 8 GB of RAM, it’s only one stick. I made the mistake of only getting one 4 GB stick for my hackintosh, and it was slow. Added another stick and it’s fast now. Better wifi needed too, in case I use it somewhere else, I can run an ethernet cable to my couch.


Just buy a MacBook of some sort. Yeah the GPU and CPU suck compared to that, but slightly cheaper, depending on which one you get. But if you plan on spending over 2k, get the Serval WS.

No they won’t send me a review laptop. I’m not a good writer, and I’m to busy reviewing porn.

Maybe I’ll buy the Lemur in September. Cheaper and I don’t need to play games on a laptop. Just porn viewing while I’m sitting on the Jonny. Only problem is, I don’t like the stock specs, so it’ll be more then 599. Maybe not, it only has an i3. And it’s around 800 bucks for the upgrades. One of the MacBooks starts at 899. Yeah the screen is smaller. But who cares, you don’t need a 20 inch screen for watching porn. Maybe a 20 inch cock.

Hmm maybe they will send me a laptop if I delete this post and agree to never mention them again on any of my domains.