SNES controller extension cables came

Now I just need to hook the SNES up to the TV. I wonder what it looks like on my 39″ JVC TV, never played it on this TV. Looks like I only needed one extension cable. Got an extra one now.

Curious what it’ll look like. Does my scaler do 1080p? Last time I only used it on a 720p TV. Guess I better hook it up and see what it looks like. Need to buy Beavis and Butthead for it too.

SNES doesn’t work, just a black screen on TV. Bent the pins where the power adapter plugs in too. Now it won’t turn on unless you mess with the power adapter. Apparently none of my AC adapters works with the Sega Genesis, so I wasn’t able to test that. Should probably pony up the money for a clone system. But I’m cheap. Should of tried the SNES directly into the back of the TV, then I’d know if my scaler isn’t working. Might not be, because I don’t know where the AC adapter it came with is.

Do I really need to play Genesis games? Yes I’m to cheap to pay 58 bucks to play NES, SNES, and Genesis.

Genesis works, got video and sound. I used my universal power adapter, set it to 12v. Also found the original AC adapter, was in a bag in my room. No other games to try with the SNES. Only a NES adapter, sound, but no video. I found the AC adapter for my scaler. No idea where the other SNES games are.

Original SNES costs more then the clone systems. Boohoo.