Think I’ll get my license

My anxiety can kiss my stinky anus, or lick, whichever it prefers. If a driving instructor says you drive fine, it means something, he has driven with a ton of people.

Maybe the doctor will prescribe a beta blocker, take it before the lessons. Might not need as many lessons that way. It’d be nice if I only needed five more lessons, then I can use the last one for the bundle, you get 40 minutes of practice, and then take the test for the last twenty minutes. So you can work on whatever is the hardest.

Having a driving instructor that knows what he is doing makes a big difference. Apparently the B&B driving instructor said I should never drive. The first instructor I had from there.

Go to 911 driving school, you will be way happier.

Must want to drive, my OCD is obsessing over some of the stuff he taught me. Like how to park. B&B didn’t teach me to park.